This is the blog of a Melbournian who lost his job in a downsizing and is spending three months crossing the US on the severance pay. When he gets back, he’ll only have a fistful of dollars, but he’ll worry about that when he gets back.

Originally the blog was going to include a compatriot item (‘Sammy’) but he’s just too cumbersome to be lugging about when exploring – too big to fit in a pocket.


4 Responses to “About”

  1. Scott said

    I am liking you blog so far.. but am waiting for the installment where you have a photo shaking Mickey Mouses hand or something as equally holiday like. Just get the rental car and start enjoying your time. Checked with the folks and they said to be carefull of the suprise insurance amount on car rentals. They said that you can rent a car for $10 a day but the insurance will be $100 a day. Dumping the car in Washington is a good idea. You can get a really small zone amtrak pass for just the north east I think and it will cost you the same as the ticket price to NY… I will check.

    • rhaokarr said

      Now that I’ve finished with the long term car rental, a few pointers:

      If you’re dropping off in another city, Budget has a fairly low one-way fee ($300 instead of $700+)
      Smaller name car hire don’t allow long one-way trips
      Long term you get discounts. Sometimes you can also talk to the companies and see if they need a car returned which will be cheap, but you pretty much have to go straight there
      Loss Damage Waiver (insurance) is a must. Because my hire was long term (3-4 weeks) it dropped from $15/day to $9/day… and there’s no excess. The windscreen that cracked from overnight temperature change didn’t cost me a cent. Also means that the marks I didn’t find in the initial walkaround weren’t my problem.
      I found the cost per day to be $60-100 depending on car size.

  2. akanajashi said


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