Forty-forty-forty-eight hours to go-o-o…

July 14, 2009

It's awfully dark down there...

It's awfully dark down there...

… I wanna be sedated. Seriously. I’ve regained my mental acuity and emotional stability from a few nights in a bed of reasonable size, but the sleep quality still wasn’t enough for refreshment. Physical tiredness looks to be the go for the remainder of the trip. Offset that against this current hostel being the biggest I’ve seen to date and it’s full of teenagers. Seriously. Some are early teenagers. There’s some teen event on or something. And they’re running around playing tag and shit. I’m in a dorm of 12, but the bed is of a decent size and there’s a little more space between bunks and the aircon isn’t spraying directly across someone’s bed so it’s likely to be left on overnight. I may get a reasonable sleep. Sorry if I’m boring you all with this, but sleep figures very strongly in my Maslow at the moment.

They've invented the artificial lap!

They've invented the artificial lap!

Since the last post I’ve not done much but wander out, eat, wander back, and cringe at all the pounding of little feet in the hostel. There was a comedy show in the lounge below this one which was very iffy. More painful race-based stuff in lieu of talent. Another guy who’d ripped off old 60s single-panel comics for his material. I don’t mind people who reuse stuff as long as they let you know that they’re not being original with the relevant material. Of the people who aren’t teens in the hostel, we seem to be having a British Invasion, though there’s still the ever-present smattering of French, German and Australian tongues spread about.

...and the solar-powered trashcan!

...and the solar-powered trashcan!

So, the real reason I’m posting again is to provide some odd info about the blog. In the admin pages it tells me what people searched for in google to find the page. Here is a selection of the search terms, in the order they appear in the list:

  • encaustic sculpture
  • marbeling and the uncanny valley
  • shoe foot paws costume
  • austin luxury homes
  • yellow girder
  • how big is a 6 man tent
  • small town police vehicles
  • dick wolf
  • where to find gold teeth in winston sale
  • “best restaurant in fort stockton”
  • hand shower pipe
  • dull penis
  • naked “women’s bath”
  • balloon clown cleveland

Tomorrow I’m juggling hostels so I can’t do anything big in the morning, and in the afternoon it’s (hopefully) off to Jon Stewart for my last night in the US. Here’s hoping he punctuates my trip well…


2 Responses to “Forty-forty-forty-eight hours to go-o-o…”

  1. Lach said

    Pops, gotta say thanks for the blog over the past few months. Your trip has coincided with me leaving the paintbal game and looking for something new to do, which happened today when i got a job offer that was off the charts. anyway, thanks mate for helping to keep me sane. i’ve enjoyed your updates every day and your distinct style. you also gave an interesting take on places i’d been to earlier this year (vegas, nawlins and nyc). we have to catch up for a beer when you get back with tricky al and g.

    safe flight home.



  2. rhaokarr said

    Good to hear it hasn’t been as boring as I thought it might be. Haven’t had much interest in travelblogs, and when I started it, I thought I’d just update it every few days tersely saying where I was and what I’d been doing. I quickly realised that I was doing so much stuff that the blog writing was essentially distilling the days memories, going over what new stuff I’d encountered. The blog also had a few people suggest cool things to see and do, so it was definitely worth doing, though some days it was a bit of a struggle.

    I remember thinking you were a bit brave to throw yourself into the job pool in these recessionary times, so it’s good to hear you’ve landed one. I’m definitely up for beer when I’m back – I am, after all, the last of the four of us to visit the US…

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